Why Us?

Why Us?

Digital Rx utilizes advanced, real-time, market-based sales data to help create impactful digital strategies and campaigns emphasizing maximum return on investment. We listen first and communicate second. We connect with key management staff in a manner that best suits your needs — from virtual meetings to monthly in-store visits. We strategize, create, manage, and collaborate with your staff and vendor partners to execute custom campaigns. Your store’s return on investment (ROI) is at the forefront of every digital campaign, website optimization, and lead-handling strategy! Why wait? Contact us today for a complimentary consultation.

Digital RX averages a



reduction in monthly marketing vendor expense



reduction in lead response time



increase in lead closing within 5 days



increase in set internet appointments



increase in internet sales volume

We can help you focus more on sales operations and less time sitting on vendor webinars, conference calls, and analytic review sessions. Your dedicated Digital Rx Account Manager will participate in monthly vendor meetings, record data, and debunk analytics. Numbers don’t lie. Data and analytics are the cornerstone of our business model, and we provide comprehensive monthly reporting. That’s the difference between an ad agency and a boutique digital consulting group like Digital Rx! Need help sourcing a new traditional ad agency, third-party lead source, website company, website widget, or another digital vendor? No problem! Our team will get involved and help your staff source, negotiate, and execute new vendor contracts. Sell more and spend less! What is your digital ROI? Get your complimentary analysis today.


Change Comes with a Click

There is no better time to optimize your digital strategies to make the maximum impact in the marketplace. Don’t wait! Set up your complimentary digital evaluation today. It’s easy. Simply provide your business information below, and a team member will be in touch with you shortly.

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